Why our cosmetics are so special?


The first answer that comes to our mind is that The Dead Sea is simply special… Since Biblical times people can feel the benefits from this great laboratory of Nature - salt, mud and water are ready-to –use, extremely effective cosmetics which we can use in the natural state, they can also be components for different cosmetics. We know that after a long day, full of duties it may be difficult to prepare long, relaxing bath or apply mud mask on the body.

That is why it is our aim is to create the line of cosmetics which give you on every step of taking care of the body this amazing effect from the Dead Sea minerals.To satisfy different needs we have come up with –apart from the classic line of products - unconventional solutions – soap, wash gel, shampoo, cream, lotion all enriched with the Dead Sea Minerals. Information about the content of minerals is not only marketing trick. We want to make sure that there is the highest level of salt, mud and water in our cosmetics.

Yes, there are a lot of producers offering similar products. How to chose the best...? Is every product original...?
Does the price signify the good quality...?
Maybe cheaper, more affordable products are also good...?
We say yes! The Dead Sea product does not have to be very expensive.
Our cosmetics combine - the highest quality – proved by certificates and research with reasonable price.

Cosmetics are like food the least processed with the lowest level of artificial substances are the best.

We cannot destroy what was created in the laboratory of Nature , in the processes lasting sometimes hundreds of thousands of years.
We follow the simple rule if you have problems with cosmetics, health, you want to look good ,delay the ageing process and simply feel good, in the first place reach for the product offered by Nature and then see the results. If you are not satisfied with the effects then you can use the more popular product.
We are certain that it will never happen.

No matter you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, a teenager or an adult, you will find something for yourself.